Monday, August 29, 2005

The Wait for Whippy

It seems my recent posting, with the enhanced picture of what is purported to be a lake monster is turning a few heads (pun not intended). Unfortunately, I have yet to secure any higher-resolution photos to perform enhancements on.

Mr. Stafford, the innkeeper who supposedely has the photos has not responded to my emails. I have also contacted the news outlet that first ran the story. I am waiting to hear back from them as well.

I know there are more pictures than just this one, as the the news story on's website has a video link to a short segment that shows multiple photos of what appears to be the creature's head. The photos appear to be from different angles and would be extremely helpful in trying to determine what this animal might be.

It's quite frustrating to know these photos are out there, yet I can't get a hold of them. I am still holding out hope that the news station will be of some help, so stay tuned.

So close, yet so far away......

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Blogger Hal Weaver said ... (4:02 PM) : 

Exciting stuff. I couldn't get the video to run, any chance you will post screencaps of the other photos? Good luck getting those higher resolution images.

Enjoy your blog.



Blogger xkrakenx said ... (7:08 PM) : 

Yeah, I believe I can get some screenshots from the video.

I will do that and post my findings.

Thanks for the compliments!


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