Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cryptozoological History

I was doing a little searching around the web today and ran across this page on cbc.ca's website.

On the page there are a few Cryptozoology-related videos to watch, mainly dealing with Caddy, Ogopogo and Bigfoot.

What really caught my eye however is the timeline at the top of the page. Clicking that, I noticed that some of the videos go back nearly 50 years.

I found it quite interesting watching a video of a woman describing her sighting of Caddy from 50 years ago and how little these sightings have changed over the years. There have been sightings as recently as the 1990's and their descriptions aren't much different than the one from that video.

Also, each video has a cool "Did You Know" section with them that gives you some history and info into each of the videos as well.

All in all, some great info on that page and I recommend everyone check it out.

Now, those were history lessons I enjoyed sitting through!

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