Monday, August 15, 2005

Skunk Ape Expedition.

A lot of people think that all Bigfoot sightings come from the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Not true.

There are Bigfoot sightings all across the country, from every state. Does this mean every state has an unknown primate roaming through the woods? No. A lot of sightings can probably be categorized as mis-identification.

There are however, a few states across the country that have had significantly more sightings than others. Some that come to mind are: Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Wisconsin, New York and Florida.

Focusing in on Florida, there are reports of what people in the area call the "Skunk Ape", of course due to it's foul odor.

This fall, there is going to be an expedition into the Florida swampland to search for the Skunk Ape.

Now, even though I am a bit more skeptical about an unknown primate in Florida than in, say Texas or the Pacific Northwest, I still wish the expedition well and will try to contact the organizer to see if they would like some of the sightings or findings posted on this blog.

Hopefully, I can get some exclusive field reports. Stay tuned!

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