Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Whippy Photo Enhancement

After posting this story about Whippy yesterday, I decided to take another look at the photo posted in the news article.

I ran it through an enlargement process using some special software and adjusted the contrast in the area of the image that is supposed to be the creature's head. What I came up with surprised me. Let's just say I may have been a bit premature in calling it a floating log...

Take a look at the enlarged, enhanced photo for yourself:

Looking at this enhancement, one can easily make out an eye, a nostril hole and what appears to be a mouth slit.

The overall look somewhat resembles a porpoises head. Although, the unmistakable reptilian appearance and lack of a blowhole does put that explanation in doubt.

I can confidently now say that I believe the photo is of some type of animal and not a log as I suggested the other day.

Now, if I can just get my hands on some higher quality pictures I should be able to bring out even more details.

Stay tuned, this could get very interesting!

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Blogger Unknown said ... (7:48 AM) : 

Recently started muskie fishing and have seen a simular looking head on a 53" musky caught near Hudson. Lake Deux Montaignes.
Our family has had a cottage on Massawippi for 60+yrs and have heard stories of monster Pike. I read a 1972 News paper article ( Montreal Gazette) on google news about stocking Massawippi with 3000 which upset the trout fishermen of the day. If some of the 3000 survived they would be quite large by now.


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