Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Giant Squid Caught On Camera -- Alive!

Up until now, the only giant squid we have seen are the dead ones, caught in fisherman's nets.

Well, that has changed.

A group of Japanese scientists have finally caught a live Giant Squid on camera! This marks the first time that a Giant Squid has been caught on film alive!

The link has several photos of the squid that were taken of the coast of Japan in the North Pacific. A length of 25 feet is given for this particular squid. Although, it is known to grow much larger than that.

The story also shows that a portion of one of the squid's tentacles broke off and they were able to raise it to the surface. The piece itself, is quite large.

This is an amazing discovery and I am sure there are a number of researchers out there who may be discouraged that they were not the ones to snap the first pictures of Architeuthis (the Giant Squid).

I tell those researchers; don't be discouraged.

Just move on to the next milestone.... film of a living Giant Squid!

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