Monday, October 03, 2005

Some Crypto-News

Well, it seems that the photos of the giant squid last week has brought Cryptozoology to the mainstream news again.

There is an article about the Giant Squid discovery last week and it also has some of the history of the field of Cryptozoology and various other Cryptozoological discoveries and theories.

This article is somewhat similiar to first article and mentions some of the same things. This article, like the first one, is a typical mainstream news article on Cryptozoology. It very briefly covers many subjects and almost always says the same thing.

Moving on from the Giant Squid, there is one other article about the Bigfoot Fall Festival this past weekend in Oklahoma. The article is mainly quotes from Katie Cogburn, the vice-president of the event.

If anyone was able to attend the festival and want to share their experiences, send me an email and I may post some of your stories on this blog.

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