Tuesday, December 06, 2005

New Bigfoot Pics

Well, they are purpoted to be pictures of Bigfoot anyway.

The pictures and a story to go along with the sighting can be found on the BFRO website.

I have posted a few pics from the site below.

(Please note that these images are just crops. The original images can be found at the BFRO site.)

As with most supposed Bigfoot photos, there isn't much detail in these. A video of this encounter would have certainly been better. Although, in the photos one can see what appears to be a humanoid figure on the other side of a snowy hill. From the sequence of the photos, the figure may be walking down the other side of the hill away from the cameraman.

The scale of the figure and the hill is hard to determine. It does appear to be a large hill from the photos, as one can see what appears to be pine trees on the right side. If you also look closely in the photos, you will see that there appears to be many tracks leading up the hill to where the figure is.

I can't say for certain what made these tracks, it could be people, animals or even Bigfoot.

Until someone visits the site of this encounter and determines the scale of the figure photographed, we can't know for sure what is in those pictures.

Anything can be faked nowadays so let's hope someone visits the area soon and comes back with an update on this.

You can bet I will keep an eye on this story and post any developments on this blog.

Stay tuned.

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