Saturday, March 04, 2006

Serpent-Like Creature Filmed at Lake Champlain

I was looking for some Cryptozoology news stories to post here and ran across a surprising new video.

The video, was taken on Lake Champlain by a couple of local fisherman.

After watching the video, one can easily make out what appears to be a serpent-like creature underneath the surface of the water. Other bits of the video show the creature swimming, that too appears to be serpentine in nature.

I invite all of my readers to watch the video and make your own conclusions. It is very interesting to say the least.

Stay tuned for more Cryptozoology news!

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Blogger RWB said ... (5:04 PM) : 

I have no doubt that a lot of these creatures are real. The main reason why one is never killed, captured or proven by science, is because they are spiritual beings.

Unknown Creatures


Blogger RWB said ... (5:07 PM) :


Blogger Animal said ... (12:29 AM) :
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Blogger Animal said ... (12:33 AM) : 

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Blogger Christopher Masiello said ... (11:38 AM) : 

Cool article.
I wrote an article on my site about my fascination with Cryptozoology. I just posted an update with a link to your site for my readers.
Good work. Thanks


Blogger Mzadragon said ... (8:40 PM) : 

I guess I came late to the party. The video this points to now is about a couple suing wal-mart over bath-time photos. Unfortunately there was no search function so I couldn't find the video in question.

I come from an area know for it's own lake monster: Manipogo. Read about it here: The Manipogo lake Monster | Sticks, Stones and Bones


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