Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bigfoot. All in Your Head?

I was reading an article on the Chicago Tribune site and I would like to post a few thoughts on it.

The article starts off dealing with some recent Bigfoot sightings in Illinois. Specifically Seneca, IL. However, shortly into the article they bring the skeptics in to say their two cents. No less that one Sociologist and two Psychologists speak in the article. Basically, debunking all of the sightings in the area.

One type of a believer is a person really fascinated by something strange, but who typically doesn't have much background in science, or found science hard or boring growing up," Alcock said. "But if they jump on the bandwagon with flying saucers or Bigfoot, they think that they're doing some sort of science. And that in some way they're a `real' scientist at the forefront of trying to make a discovery."

This coming from a Psychologist and member of CSICOP.

Now, I am not saying there is a Bigfoot or any unknown creature in the Seneca, IL area. What I am saying, is why does mainstream science and the media always treat this subject like it is a mental problem. Basically saying all of these people who have reported sightings are seeing things that aren't there.

Why does science treat eye-witness accounts as unreliable info, yet our entire justice system is built on witness testimony?

I understand, science needs a physical specimen, a body, but how is that ever going to happen if the sightings and reports continue to be treated as if they are figments of the imagination?

What these psychologists and sociologists behind their desks in their plush offices don't realize, is that there is real science going on. There are people out there in the field, looking for these creatures among others and I believe, one day, they will be found.

Unfortunately, until then, I fear this close-mindedness will continue.

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Blogger The Traveller said ... (8:31 PM) : 

Science is not a game and it's not glamourous, 90% of the work of a scentist, mind you those who do work on nature, is done inside the 4 walls of their offices, they can't spend their time checking "sightings" that can be explained 99% of the times...Besides, in many cases, like Loch Ness, for example, it can be determined indirectly that is impossible that a large creature survives in that ecossistem, there's simply no food for him...The same applies for most wild areas of the USA, it's impossbile that a big ape-like creature is able to find a spot in the ecossistem chain. I pesonally srously question if there is any animal bigger than house cat that hasn't been discovered yet. Now the sea, it's a very different setting, we know the surface of the Moon bettter than our own oceans.


Blogger xkrakenx said ... (9:07 AM) : 

I never said science was a game or glamourous. However, there is such a thing as 'field study'. Scientists do go out in the field and perform research.

What my problem with mainstream science and the mainstream media is that Bigfoot and other Cryptozoological sightings are almost always treated like a joke.

Why is that?

Where is the sense of wonder? What if an unknown primate exists in the US?

What if a large, unknown aquatic creature lives in Loch Ness?

Can we just ignore all of the sightings of these creatures by credible people because someone says that Loch Ness cannot support a large animal or that a creature like Bigfoot cannot go undiscovered in the US?

No one has proven that these creatures exist. At the same time, no one has proven that these creatures don't exist.


Blogger joe said ... (7:01 PM) : 

im the guy that saw this animal in seneca il. any one that would like me to take them to this active spot il make a believer out of you. every one ive taken out there left knowing there are things in these woods most of us thought couldent be real.


Blogger xkrakenx said ... (12:51 PM) : 

Joe, do you have any pictures or evidence of your sighting?


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