Monday, October 10, 2005

Reward for Cryptozoological Specimen!

For those of you who always thought about actually going out in the wild and looking for a cryptid, but never thought you had the time, how's this for motivation!

At the upcoming Texas Bigfoot Conference, Loren Coleman is going to release details of a $1 million reward to "to encourage the public to assist in the safe capture of a Bigfoot, Yeti, Lake Monster, Sea Serpent, or other cryptozoological specimen".

If you can't make the Texas Bigfoot Conference, and are interested, Loren will also be making the announcement at the Bates College Cryptozoology Symposium later this month.

For those of you who can't make the convention or symposium, don't fret. As soon as the details about the reward are revealed, you can be sure I will post them right here on this blog.

Also, if you are planning on attempting this or know someone who is, I want to hear your stories. Send me your reports and I will post them on this blog.

Stay tuned!

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