Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Loren Coleman Interview

No, I didn't conduct this interview but I am in contact with Loren to have an interview with him. Hopefully, this will happen in the near future.

Until then, you can read a small interview with Loren on MaineToday.com. Loren currently lives in Portland, Maine.

The interview covers a bit of Loren's thoughts on Bigfoot. More specifically, the difference between Bigfoot sightings in the east and Bigfoot sightings on the west coast. It seems that sightings in the east have a more aggressive tone than ones in the west. Something I wasn't aware of.

In the interview Loren is also asked about local cryptids in the Maine area. He mentions a sea serpent called Cassie, some black panther sightings and Bigfoot sightings. The story about Cassie was particularly interesting.

It is a nice short interview that just reaffirms my admiration for Loren.

So, check it out and stay tuned for more Cryptozoology news!

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