Thursday, October 27, 2005

Loren Coleman Article

Through my normal news searches, I found an article on the Southern Illinois website.

The article goes a little in-depth with the history of Loren Coleman. Anyone who follows Cryptozoology knows who Loren Coleman is. Loren has written over two dozen books on the subject and has had numerous TV appearances.

The article digs a bit into Loren's past, mainly his college days at Southern Illinois University Carbondale(SIUC).

It also mentions his recent endeavor with the Wizards Of The Coast and their 'Creature Appreciation Week'. You will remember the Wizards Of The Coast from the short lived $1 million bounty, that was quickly withdrawn.

Loren Coleman is one the main reasons why I am so interested in Cryptozoology. Having read a few of his books when I was younger, it drove me to search for the truth when it came to the subject of Cryptozoology. I have spoken with Loren on a few occasions and not only is he a very intelligent man, he is also very down-to-earth and just a really nice guy.

Keep up the great work Loren!

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