Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mysterious 'Blobs' Debunked

There are many stories of mysterious 'blobs' or 'globsters' washing up on beaches across the world. These sightings have been documented for over 100 years now. In the past a lot of these 'blobs' were thought to be the carcasses of The Giant Octopus.

Well, the chairman of the Biology Dept. at the University of South Florida believes these 'blobs' have a much more mundane explanation. More specifically, he believes these 'blobs' are whale blubber.

The article goes into detail about what happens when a whale dies. The blubber becomes separated from the skeleton of the whale. This blubber then washes up on shore. That is a simplified explanation of what happens.

I do believe that some, if not most of the 'blob' or 'globster' sightings can be attributed to whale carcasses. However, there are a lot of mysterious creatures in the world's oceans. Many of which we have yet to identify.

Until the oceans are fully explored, we can only sit back and wonder about what creatures live beneath the waves. To me, that sense of wonder is what makes Cryptozoology so fascinating.

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