Monday, August 29, 2005

More Whippy Photos

Following a reader's suggestion, I captured a few screenshots from the news video about Whippy.

Before you get your hopes up, please know that these pictures are not the high-res versions I have been waiting for. They are about the same resolution as the first picture I posted a few days ago. Also, I have enlarged these images a bit to make them easier to work with. Other than the enlargement, they have not been enhanced at all.

Let's take a look, shall we?

The first image:

Second image:

Third image:

Fourth image:

I have a few more captured images, but they are either too blurry or not enough is visible to warrant me posting them.

So, after looking at these pictures what do I think? Well, they look nothing like the original one, that is for sure. They almost look like they were taken of different things at different times. More likely however, is that they were taken of the same animal, just from different angles.

After studying these images, I am beginning to think this sighting may have just been a large Sturgeon or Pike in the lake.

Even though the original image I posted a few days ago is still very compelling and cannot be easily discarded, the 2nd and 3rd images here are more fish like and the 4th image looks like it could just be the back of a fish breaking the surface.

The fact is, the images are just not that great. With images of this quality, it is basically just a guessing game. The low resolution and blurriness in the images makes it hard to discern any details at all.

Alas, with it looking more and more likely that I will not be able to get my hands on the original pics, these may be the best we will ever have in this case.

Although, I am leaning towards a misidentification in this case, I guess we have to put this one down as another inconclusive sighting.

Now, on to the next sighting...

The Wait for Whippy

It seems my recent posting, with the enhanced picture of what is purported to be a lake monster is turning a few heads (pun not intended). Unfortunately, I have yet to secure any higher-resolution photos to perform enhancements on.

Mr. Stafford, the innkeeper who supposedely has the photos has not responded to my emails. I have also contacted the news outlet that first ran the story. I am waiting to hear back from them as well.

I know there are more pictures than just this one, as the the news story on's website has a video link to a short segment that shows multiple photos of what appears to be the creature's head. The photos appear to be from different angles and would be extremely helpful in trying to determine what this animal might be.

It's quite frustrating to know these photos are out there, yet I can't get a hold of them. I am still holding out hope that the news station will be of some help, so stay tuned.

So close, yet so far away......

Friday, August 26, 2005

Chupacabra Caught?

While I am waiting to hear back from the Innkeeper in Canada who has pictures of Whippy, I thought I would share this bit of news with you.

It appears that a farmer in Texas thinks he has caught a Chupacabra on his farm.

The article has pictures and a video I have yet to watch. Judging from the pictures though, it looks like he has caught nothing more than a small coyote or some type of fox.

If it is a Chupacabra, I, for one am disappointed. I was expecting a much more menacing creature, with large fangs and wings. This thing looks like a little, emaciated dog.

Oh well, I guess we will know for sure soon enough. He has sent the carcass to be tested to determine the species.

...Poor doggy...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Whippy Photo Enhancement

After posting this story about Whippy yesterday, I decided to take another look at the photo posted in the news article.

I ran it through an enlargement process using some special software and adjusted the contrast in the area of the image that is supposed to be the creature's head. What I came up with surprised me. Let's just say I may have been a bit premature in calling it a floating log...

Take a look at the enlarged, enhanced photo for yourself:

Looking at this enhancement, one can easily make out an eye, a nostril hole and what appears to be a mouth slit.

The overall look somewhat resembles a porpoises head. Although, the unmistakable reptilian appearance and lack of a blowhole does put that explanation in doubt.

I can confidently now say that I believe the photo is of some type of animal and not a log as I suggested the other day.

Now, if I can just get my hands on some higher quality pictures I should be able to bring out even more details.

Stay tuned, this could get very interesting!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

New Champ Sighting

From the looks of it, lake monster sightings are picking up as of late. From Lake Okanagan in Canada yesterday to Lake Champlain in Vermont today.

The difference in this story is that the person who had the sighting was actually able to capture it on video. The story doesn't show the video, but I am sure it will surface(no pun intended) online soon.

Once it does, you can be sure I will put a link to it in this blog.

Watch this space.

Monday, August 22, 2005

More Crypto-News From Canada

It seems that Canada has been a hot-bed of Cryptozoology-related news recently. With the Bigfoot sighting reports in the Yukon and the purported Bigfoot tape from Manitoba being the two major attention-grabbers.

Even with Bigfoot getting all of the attention lately, there is some news from Quebec about a supposed creature that resides Massawippi, commonly known in the area as "Whippy".

The story includes a picture that from all appearances is of a floating log. I do like to keep an open mind however, so let's wait and see if there are any more photos or even better, video.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Skunk Ape Expedition.

A lot of people think that all Bigfoot sightings come from the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Not true.

There are Bigfoot sightings all across the country, from every state. Does this mean every state has an unknown primate roaming through the woods? No. A lot of sightings can probably be categorized as mis-identification.

There are however, a few states across the country that have had significantly more sightings than others. Some that come to mind are: Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Wisconsin, New York and Florida.

Focusing in on Florida, there are reports of what people in the area call the "Skunk Ape", of course due to it's foul odor.

This fall, there is going to be an expedition into the Florida swampland to search for the Skunk Ape.

Now, even though I am a bit more skeptical about an unknown primate in Florida than in, say Texas or the Pacific Northwest, I still wish the expedition well and will try to contact the organizer to see if they would like some of the sightings or findings posted on this blog.

Hopefully, I can get some exclusive field reports. Stay tuned!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Happy Camp Update

It appears that there are some developments in the Happy Camp, CA expedition to not only find Bigfoot but to capture it(him/her).

As you remember, Tom Biscardi is running the expedition and now it appears he is featuring the Happy Camp Expedition on his video-streaming website.

The charge is $15 per week or $60 for the full 90-day expedition. This is supposedly to help cover the cost of the expedition. Which, I guess is understandable. I just can't help feeling that this is just another ploy for someone to make a buck of the legend of Bigfoot.

Now, if they asked for donations, that would be different. Forcing people to pay $15 a week to watch a bunch of guys in the woods; I just don't see people paying that.

I don't know what it is, but this expedition leaves somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth. I hope they come up with some legitimate evidence and make me change my mind.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

TV show thoughts

So, I watched that TV show about the lake monsters. It was pretty good actually. There was some new info that I had not seen before as well as some video and pics of Ogopogo that I had not seen as well.

Of course, there were no revelations or anything like that, but all in all, it was a good show.

If there is one thing I did get from the show, is that there are a lot of people living around these lakes that spot these creatures. I may try and contact a few of the people in these areas that collect these sightings to see if they would like some of the sightings and stories posted on this blog.

That is if these people don't have blogs already.

Let's see what I can find.

Monday, August 01, 2005

TV Show About Lake Monsters

Whenever I see something about Cryptozoology on TV that looks like it will be good, I will post it on this blog. So, get your Tivo ready.


Ok, for those of you who get the National Geographic channel, there is a TV special tonight at 8:00PM EST dedicated to lake and sea monsters.

I haven't talked about lake and sea creatures on this blog yet, but you can be sure that I will whenever I find some interesting news, articles or shows, like this one.

So, be sure to check it out!